Saturday, 8 November 2014

The finish line is in SIGHT!!!!!

!!!!! SO many exclamation marks... But, this has SERIOUSLY been an epic!! I have never before embarked on a project of this extent. We began laying the first layers down for the final song!! And it is appropriately called "It Is Finished" and... This is the title of the album!! Yes -it IS me envisaging holding it in my hand, waving it about and saying "woo-hoo!! I've done it!"

What a fantastic moment that will be... And what is wonderful, is that I can actually see it in sight now! I do believe I am on schedule for it to be completed by mid-February, ready for release Easter.

Wow... An Easter launch. An appropriate album title for what has been a full 12 months of thinking, saving, writing, recording, saving, recording, thinking again... -Oh yes- I said that in my last blog didn't I?!! Lol! I like to have a laugh ;) -Which I am sure you will be able to tell when you hear certain songs on the album!! For instance, (Roger Hargreaves liked to say that a lot, didn't he), the album opens with 'Let Live', a number that has marching in it and people shouting. 'Back Home' has a helicopter in it (and many more interesting sounds!) and 'Can You Hear The Bells', has massive raucous cheering and clapping! In addition to this, there is a slight prog-rock feel insomuch that there are a couple of tracks that merge together -and many other surprises! I am SO excited about this album project -I love every song and that is fantastic to be able to say. I cannot WAIT to get it to you!
Don't forget to get along to to listen to how it's shaping up! I hope to add more to the page in the next couple of weeks, including more tune snippets and lyrics etc.

So yes - Easter -a time of new life, new beginnings and also the time when Christ cried out, 'It is finished'... What a hope..



Out Easter 2015.

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Thanks! Trace 

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