Saturday, 18 October 2014

Whoa Yo... Time continues in tha studi-o! (Too many days to count!!)

Ha!ha! My attempt at a rap ;)

Yes -my time in the studio is beginning to feel like an epic!! And may I tell you? -Some of the songs truly are! This album project started last April, with the commencement of my EP. That took me through to August where I then had a break until this January. Since January this year, I have been in and out like dancing hot-cakes! (The first thought that came in my head there -not trying to be lyrical!)
There have been moments where I wanted to give up, but I knew I couldn't. I have to finish what I have started and you know what people say about breaking through the pain barrier? Well for me, I suddenly found myself in a new place in it all emotionally. As I broke through, I found myself feeling the sensation of being encompassed by it -ONE with it. How do I explain this? It feels like I have reached the centre -it's core and rather than being on the outside looking in, I am fully enveloped by the music, the project that is coming into being. I have become one with it -like I am part of the pulsating life-blood of its being. It feels pretty mad! It has touched a deeper part of me -tapped into an essence of me that needed unlocking -am I making any sense to you? As a result, a new freedom has taken place, a healing is occurring and a deep contentment and peace has taken root. I have finally arrived and found an offering I can give that is truly from me. This is what this project has become: An offering of myself to my beloved papa God. It is now a labour of love!

Another thing that has occurred which I am so pleased about, is that I have finally managed to create a page exclusively for you, my fans and supporters (whichever you like to call yourself!) to give you some proper insights of sounds and how my album is shaping up. I won't give all away though! I want some surprises! Or maybe I will... Hmmm ;)  -SO, click HERE to be taken directly to your new page! There is no signing up or membership needed -you can just click and listen/read what is on there. JUST FOR YOU. As a way of saying thank you.

That's it for now! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures posted up this time -I have been in and out of the studio like... Oh yes -I've said that ;) -But what a year it's been; Saving, thinking, recording, thinking again.. Penning, saving, recording, thinking, saving... And so you get the picture. And it's not over yet! Not until February! All systems are go for an Easter launch -ideas for how to make that pretty special are beginning to stir within. Great stuff -I've learnt to trust my inner voice and know the difference between my strivings and business plans, and His! A fantastic AMEN to that!

Trace X

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