Sunday, 17 May 2015

IT IS FINISHED! Final Mix Down

My album was released 4th April, 2015. In conjunction with Easter Saturday and Passover, with the third blood moon.

Here are a few more final photos from inside the studio! Wow -It's finally finished... !

Shaun -my good friend and co-producer. He worked ever so hard and I believe, enjoyed doing so!
This photo below is.... UPSIDE DOWN! Reminds of God's topsy turvy Kingdom! His principles are SO different to the way we outwork things in this world... For example, we put so much trust in worry about money, but what does HIS currency look like? For one I can tell you... He is a God who PROVIDES! He has storehouses full of 'grain' in Heaven. All we need to do is ask.

An example of my workings

Shaun compiling album after Mastering. Whoopee!!

And one final selfie -looking very happy -and tired it has to be said!! But a project well worth embarking on. A labour of love and an offering I know my Heavenly Father is pleased with and smiles on. It feels good to give my all. We are called to give nothing less.

See you! Trace x

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