Saturday, 8 November 2014

The finish line is in SIGHT!!!!!

!!!!! SO many exclamation marks... But, this has SERIOUSLY been an epic!! I have never before embarked on a project of this extent. We began laying the first layers down for the final song!! And it is appropriately called "It Is Finished" and... This is the title of the album!! Yes -it IS me envisaging holding it in my hand, waving it about and saying "woo-hoo!! I've done it!"

What a fantastic moment that will be... And what is wonderful, is that I can actually see it in sight now! I do believe I am on schedule for it to be completed by mid-February, ready for release Easter.

Wow... An Easter launch. An appropriate album title for what has been a full 12 months of thinking, saving, writing, recording, saving, recording, thinking again... -Oh yes- I said that in my last blog didn't I?!! Lol! I like to have a laugh ;) -Which I am sure you will be able to tell when you hear certain songs on the album!! For instance, (Roger Hargreaves liked to say that a lot, didn't he), the album opens with 'Let Live', a number that has marching in it and people shouting. 'Back Home' has a helicopter in it (and many more interesting sounds!) and 'Can You Hear The Bells', has massive raucous cheering and clapping! In addition to this, there is a slight prog-rock feel insomuch that there are a couple of tracks that merge together -and many other surprises! I am SO excited about this album project -I love every song and that is fantastic to be able to say. I cannot WAIT to get it to you!
Don't forget to get along to to listen to how it's shaping up! I hope to add more to the page in the next couple of weeks, including more tune snippets and lyrics etc.

So yes - Easter -a time of new life, new beginnings and also the time when Christ cried out, 'It is finished'... What a hope..



Out Easter 2015.

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Thanks! Trace 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Whoa Yo... Time continues in tha studi-o! (Too many days to count!!)

Ha!ha! My attempt at a rap ;)

Yes -my time in the studio is beginning to feel like an epic!! And may I tell you? -Some of the songs truly are! This album project started last April, with the commencement of my EP. That took me through to August where I then had a break until this January. Since January this year, I have been in and out like dancing hot-cakes! (The first thought that came in my head there -not trying to be lyrical!)
There have been moments where I wanted to give up, but I knew I couldn't. I have to finish what I have started and you know what people say about breaking through the pain barrier? Well for me, I suddenly found myself in a new place in it all emotionally. As I broke through, I found myself feeling the sensation of being encompassed by it -ONE with it. How do I explain this? It feels like I have reached the centre -it's core and rather than being on the outside looking in, I am fully enveloped by the music, the project that is coming into being. I have become one with it -like I am part of the pulsating life-blood of its being. It feels pretty mad! It has touched a deeper part of me -tapped into an essence of me that needed unlocking -am I making any sense to you? As a result, a new freedom has taken place, a healing is occurring and a deep contentment and peace has taken root. I have finally arrived and found an offering I can give that is truly from me. This is what this project has become: An offering of myself to my beloved papa God. It is now a labour of love!

Another thing that has occurred which I am so pleased about, is that I have finally managed to create a page exclusively for you, my fans and supporters (whichever you like to call yourself!) to give you some proper insights of sounds and how my album is shaping up. I won't give all away though! I want some surprises! Or maybe I will... Hmmm ;)  -SO, click HERE to be taken directly to your new page! There is no signing up or membership needed -you can just click and listen/read what is on there. JUST FOR YOU. As a way of saying thank you.

That's it for now! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures posted up this time -I have been in and out of the studio like... Oh yes -I've said that ;) -But what a year it's been; Saving, thinking, recording, thinking again.. Penning, saving, recording, thinking, saving... And so you get the picture. And it's not over yet! Not until February! All systems are go for an Easter launch -ideas for how to make that pretty special are beginning to stir within. Great stuff -I've learnt to trust my inner voice and know the difference between my strivings and business plans, and His! A fantastic AMEN to that!

Trace X

Friday, 1 August 2014

Studio album update!

Dear guys and gals, ladies and gents, friends and fans,

An apology for being so quiet on this front! It has been all go with kids stuff, event organising, Access Radio and our youngest's (JZ) birthday party! I have continued to go into the studio in between, working on the 4 tracks to bring them to completion: 'Drops Of Crystal Love', 'Let Live', 'Back Home' and 'Can You Hear The Bells?'

The last trip in saw my beloved boys Luke and JZ take to the mic to record shouting the words 'Let Live' and the stomping of feet!

 They enjoyed the experience! This comes in at the end of Let Live -which is being mixed down and finalised Saturday 2nd August! I am looking forward to giving you a snippet of the end product! 'Drops' is also ready for mix down, and Back Home/Can You Hear The Bells are nearly there. They are pretty epic... so much production involved and going away, leaving it and then listening to it again needed, to ensure they are just right. To say I am excited about how this project is unfolding, is hitting the nail right on the head!

Another instrument that has seen it's debut is this lovely one below! It's called a Yemenite Shofar and comes from Israel. I am really enjoying playing with this!
I am very glad all seems on schedule for an end of January album release. Then, to spend 2015 touring and taking it out is the plan. As much as I enjoy writing and recording, it will be nice to spend a full 12 months concentrating on just playing. Great stuff.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

In the studio: Days 7 + 8...

Hi guys!!

Well, a good weekend but... I have to get a new USB lead for my camera and then I can upload some shots and snippets for you! DV-Cam currently under repair too...

I am SOOOOO excited about how the album is shaping up -it is such a good feeling! It is nice not rushing it, going away and taking time to know whether a track is complete or not, ready for mix-down.. I am next due in the last weekend of June. There will definitely be a couple of tracks ready and mixed down after that weekend :)

6 underway and almost done, 4 more to go... There is going to be a bonus track too! Number 11 on the album will be 'Trust', a track that currently features on my EP. A completely different vibe from the rest of album which is why it is a bonus!

On track for early release next year yeay!

Speak soon!

Love Trace

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Days 5 + 6

Dear friends!

I have completed my third weekend in the studio, working towards my debut album. Enjoying every minute of it and loving the sounds coming together.

Here are a few snippets from my weekend!

To start with, here is a link to a snippet of one of the works in progress:
Can You Hear The Bells

New to the recording studio sounds are: Congas! Shaun (engineer) also located a fantastic shell instrument that he got on his travels to Egypt. It is a stick with a bunch of shells (mussel I think!) tied to the end. Then all you have to do is shake it! Fab sound.. It appears at the end of my other track presently being recorded, 'Let Live'.

(snapshot from my vid camera..)
Also, please welcome new-comer to the set: Korg Sampler!

I have just begun venturing into this -much to learn! -So I have started by just needing to hit a button for an accompanying beat -easing myself in gently...! Come on.. I am still learning what my Triton can do -give me a break ha!ha!

...And here I am, enjoying the sounds after having pressed that magic button!

One to say goodbye on: I do apologise for the quality of the pic, but I thought I would post this up.
I attempted to play it, thinking it was a real score... Would be good if it was! That would be pretty novel. (Pete is writing one actually!!)

Back in this coming weekend with legendary Pete Townsend bringing his bass licks. We will also be discussing production and I will be laying other layers (including 'proper ones' as supposed to guide).

Thanks for being part of the journey! It is fun I must say, in-between the saving up to go in! Well, if you want something enough hey -it can't always come easy!

Til next week -Trace X -oops -just noticed my pics are getting smaller each time! 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

In the studio: Days 3 + 4

We've had another great weekend in the studio -thank God! The songs are sounding fantastic -I am so pleased. It's very much a co-production effort this time round (and will be from now on) as I have a great team around me now whom we can all bounce ideas off -and we all know that when we work together with others, the real cream and icing to the cake comes about than if it is all just down to one person. When creativity is not stifled, the possibilities are endless! So I am glad that these songs being produced, are having the maximum input from the creative brains around me so they can be the best they can be. Great stuff :)

Here are some snap-shots with commentaries of days 3 + 4, starting with a sound bite for you that you will find, somewhere, in Back Home -one of the tracks just recorded:

This has I am sure, got you curious!

Well here is Pete, my own personal Townsend! (For those of you unsure what I mean, Pete Townshend is famous for being in The Who) Relaxing with a cuppa (one of his many a day!) in the lounge.

Here he is in action. "Sounds fantastic Pete!!"

 And this -this is my notebook. I personally chose it! Thought I'd get a gritty one showing I mean business ;)
Another techy picture for you. This is part of a massive machine behind Shaun,
reading all the sounds and levels that go in. He has a few of these things around..
This is showing the levels of Pete's bass whilst he is playing.
Yours truly crunching out electric guitar sounds for Back Home
and having fun with it -with my slippers on of course!

I am next heading back into Prism early March to pick up the final mastered copies of the two tracks just completed. I am then back in with my fabbo team at the end of April for the next installment. It's busy prep time in-between!

Speak to you soon -hope you have enjoyed!
Love Trace X

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Day 1+2 in Prism Studios

If you have seen the fun little YouTube vid I posted from my time in the studio last year, when I was  recording my EP project "Trinity", then you will know that last weekend I stepped back into the studio to commence recording on my debut album. It is so nice that it has been confirmed to go this route. Many people have been asking me 'when are you doing it?' and this, coupled with other help that has come my way, has made this a possibility.

SO… -I thought I'd post up a little journal of my time in the studio over the course of this year, for those of you who may be interested in how things are going and gain a little glimpse into the inner workings of studio life!

Laying down a "guide" guitar track to Back Home
Here's me in the main control room with Shaun, my engineer and co-producer. Laying a 'guide' track simply means putting a rough recording down -mainly to help the drummer as often, drums are recorded first.

The sound desk in all it's wonders!! It's a … many track (around 50?) recording sound desk, which means that you can record in up to 50 (or more) layers for a track. 1 may be for my guitar, number 2 may be for another guitar part, number 3 for a weird sound -you get the gist. Shaun loves his eggy orbs -we do too! They add a lovely ambience to the rooms (they are throughout!). Yes -every single one of them is turned on everyday! (He must have a magic switch that does a few at a time.. :)

One of The Trees
Here's Ween captured in motion recording his drum parts. The two songs currently being recorded ("Back Home" and "Drops Of Crystal Love (re-mix)" have an electro theme that runs throughout (as will the whole album) and so he is using his electronic drum kit to produce some wonderful sounds.

An amusing shot -looks like they are trying out a new dance routine to go with the bops!

Just to finish, here is me singing in the fantastic vocal room that Shaun decks out like a disco! Gets you into performance mode on the one hand as is simulates a stage and helps you to relax on the other. I certainly found myself gazing at the light patterns swirling around the walls and the ceiling most of the time (when I had my eyes open!)

I head back in this weekend for day 3+4, this time with Pete Townsend, The Tree who plays bass. I will also finish off my vocals and we will spend more time on production and mixing. Like my Facebook page and I'll post up a snippet to hopefully -whet your appetite!!

Love Trace