Friday, 1 August 2014

Studio album update!

Dear guys and gals, ladies and gents, friends and fans,

An apology for being so quiet on this front! It has been all go with kids stuff, event organising, Access Radio and our youngest's (JZ) birthday party! I have continued to go into the studio in between, working on the 4 tracks to bring them to completion: 'Drops Of Crystal Love', 'Let Live', 'Back Home' and 'Can You Hear The Bells?'

The last trip in saw my beloved boys Luke and JZ take to the mic to record shouting the words 'Let Live' and the stomping of feet!

 They enjoyed the experience! This comes in at the end of Let Live -which is being mixed down and finalised Saturday 2nd August! I am looking forward to giving you a snippet of the end product! 'Drops' is also ready for mix down, and Back Home/Can You Hear The Bells are nearly there. They are pretty epic... so much production involved and going away, leaving it and then listening to it again needed, to ensure they are just right. To say I am excited about how this project is unfolding, is hitting the nail right on the head!

Another instrument that has seen it's debut is this lovely one below! It's called a Yemenite Shofar and comes from Israel. I am really enjoying playing with this!
I am very glad all seems on schedule for an end of January album release. Then, to spend 2015 touring and taking it out is the plan. As much as I enjoy writing and recording, it will be nice to spend a full 12 months concentrating on just playing. Great stuff.

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  1. Well done Trace looks like the boys are enjoying themselves ...looking forward to seeing you in Oct ...God bless yer