Thursday, 8 May 2014

In the studio: Days 7 + 8...

Hi guys!!

Well, a good weekend but... I have to get a new USB lead for my camera and then I can upload some shots and snippets for you! DV-Cam currently under repair too...

I am SOOOOO excited about how the album is shaping up -it is such a good feeling! It is nice not rushing it, going away and taking time to know whether a track is complete or not, ready for mix-down.. I am next due in the last weekend of June. There will definitely be a couple of tracks ready and mixed down after that weekend :)

6 underway and almost done, 4 more to go... There is going to be a bonus track too! Number 11 on the album will be 'Trust', a track that currently features on my EP. A completely different vibe from the rest of album which is why it is a bonus!

On track for early release next year yeay!

Speak soon!

Love Trace

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