Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Days 5 + 6

Dear friends!

I have completed my third weekend in the studio, working towards my debut album. Enjoying every minute of it and loving the sounds coming together.

Here are a few snippets from my weekend!

To start with, here is a link to a snippet of one of the works in progress:
Can You Hear The Bells

New to the recording studio sounds are: Congas! Shaun (engineer) also located a fantastic shell instrument that he got on his travels to Egypt. It is a stick with a bunch of shells (mussel I think!) tied to the end. Then all you have to do is shake it! Fab sound.. It appears at the end of my other track presently being recorded, 'Let Live'.

(snapshot from my vid camera..)
Also, please welcome new-comer to the set: Korg Sampler!

I have just begun venturing into this -much to learn! -So I have started by just needing to hit a button for an accompanying beat -easing myself in gently...! Come on.. I am still learning what my Triton can do -give me a break ha!ha!

...And here I am, enjoying the sounds after having pressed that magic button!

One to say goodbye on: I do apologise for the quality of the pic, but I thought I would post this up.
I attempted to play it, thinking it was a real score... Would be good if it was! That would be pretty novel. (Pete is writing one actually!!)

Back in this coming weekend with legendary Pete Townsend bringing his bass licks. We will also be discussing production and I will be laying other layers (including 'proper ones' as supposed to guide).

Thanks for being part of the journey! It is fun I must say, in-between the saving up to go in! Well, if you want something enough hey -it can't always come easy!

Til next week -Trace X -oops -just noticed my pics are getting smaller each time! 

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