Wednesday, 12 February 2014

In the studio: Days 3 + 4

We've had another great weekend in the studio -thank God! The songs are sounding fantastic -I am so pleased. It's very much a co-production effort this time round (and will be from now on) as I have a great team around me now whom we can all bounce ideas off -and we all know that when we work together with others, the real cream and icing to the cake comes about than if it is all just down to one person. When creativity is not stifled, the possibilities are endless! So I am glad that these songs being produced, are having the maximum input from the creative brains around me so they can be the best they can be. Great stuff :)

Here are some snap-shots with commentaries of days 3 + 4, starting with a sound bite for you that you will find, somewhere, in Back Home -one of the tracks just recorded:

This has I am sure, got you curious!

Well here is Pete, my own personal Townsend! (For those of you unsure what I mean, Pete Townshend is famous for being in The Who) Relaxing with a cuppa (one of his many a day!) in the lounge.

Here he is in action. "Sounds fantastic Pete!!"

 And this -this is my notebook. I personally chose it! Thought I'd get a gritty one showing I mean business ;)
Another techy picture for you. This is part of a massive machine behind Shaun,
reading all the sounds and levels that go in. He has a few of these things around..
This is showing the levels of Pete's bass whilst he is playing.
Yours truly crunching out electric guitar sounds for Back Home
and having fun with it -with my slippers on of course!

I am next heading back into Prism early March to pick up the final mastered copies of the two tracks just completed. I am then back in with my fabbo team at the end of April for the next installment. It's busy prep time in-between!

Speak to you soon -hope you have enjoyed!
Love Trace X

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