Thursday, 6 February 2014

Day 1+2 in Prism Studios

If you have seen the fun little YouTube vid I posted from my time in the studio last year, when I was  recording my EP project "Trinity", then you will know that last weekend I stepped back into the studio to commence recording on my debut album. It is so nice that it has been confirmed to go this route. Many people have been asking me 'when are you doing it?' and this, coupled with other help that has come my way, has made this a possibility.

SO… -I thought I'd post up a little journal of my time in the studio over the course of this year, for those of you who may be interested in how things are going and gain a little glimpse into the inner workings of studio life!

Laying down a "guide" guitar track to Back Home
Here's me in the main control room with Shaun, my engineer and co-producer. Laying a 'guide' track simply means putting a rough recording down -mainly to help the drummer as often, drums are recorded first.

The sound desk in all it's wonders!! It's a … many track (around 50?) recording sound desk, which means that you can record in up to 50 (or more) layers for a track. 1 may be for my guitar, number 2 may be for another guitar part, number 3 for a weird sound -you get the gist. Shaun loves his eggy orbs -we do too! They add a lovely ambience to the rooms (they are throughout!). Yes -every single one of them is turned on everyday! (He must have a magic switch that does a few at a time.. :)

One of The Trees
Here's Ween captured in motion recording his drum parts. The two songs currently being recorded ("Back Home" and "Drops Of Crystal Love (re-mix)" have an electro theme that runs throughout (as will the whole album) and so he is using his electronic drum kit to produce some wonderful sounds.

An amusing shot -looks like they are trying out a new dance routine to go with the bops!

Just to finish, here is me singing in the fantastic vocal room that Shaun decks out like a disco! Gets you into performance mode on the one hand as is simulates a stage and helps you to relax on the other. I certainly found myself gazing at the light patterns swirling around the walls and the ceiling most of the time (when I had my eyes open!)

I head back in this weekend for day 3+4, this time with Pete Townsend, The Tree who plays bass. I will also finish off my vocals and we will spend more time on production and mixing. Like my Facebook page and I'll post up a snippet to hopefully -whet your appetite!!

Love Trace 

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